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    3 Reasons to Buy a Home in 2021

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    Tri-Valley homes are in high-demand for a reason, they are a great investment. According to Keeping Current Matters, American’s have ranked owning a home as the best form of investment for six years in a row. 2021 offers unique opportunities for homebuyers, here’s why:


    1. Low Mortgage Rates
      1. In 2020 mortgage rates were at a record low. At the moment, a 30-year fixed loan can be obtained at 2.839%. Receiving a fixed mortgage now could save thousands over a homebuyer’s lifetime. Rates are not expected to increase in 2021, making purchasing a home more enticing than ever.
    2. Appreciation
      1. Home values may shift but over time homes are likely to appreciate in overall value. As the home appreciates in value, so does the homeowner’s equity. Overtime, the mortgage balance decreases as the overall value of the home increases.
    3. Mortgage Rates are Fixed – Rent Increases
      1. While renting may seem like a simple temporary solution, it could be costly in 2021. Homes are in high demand. Landlords will be able to capitalize on this demand: while pricing of homes increases, the cost of renting could potentially increase as well. A fixed mortgage will supply the homeowner with monthly cost stability.


    The bottom line is that owning a home is considered one of the most sound investments, even compared to gold, stocks, and savings. While stocks can fluctuate and plummet, housing is known as a stable long-term investment. Will 2021 be the year you invest in a home?


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