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5 Tips For Choosing The Right Real Estate Agent

5 Tips For Choosing The Right Real Estate Agent


  1. Seek Referrals From Other Homeowners

    Whether you are seeking an agent that specializes in Pleasanton, Livermore, or Dublin, do your research. Read reviews and ask around. Reviews tend to shed light on an agent’s personality. From reviews you might learn that an agent is incredibly responsive, patient or aggressive. Depending on your own personality and the current market, this insight could sway you in the right direction.

  2. Interview Agents

    Get a sense of who the agent is and if you could see yourself working with them. Interviews allow you the opportunity to inquire about any uncertainties or concerns you may have based on your preliminary online research. For example, if they specialize in Pleasanton Luxury Real Estate, and homes are in High Demand, why has one of their listings been on the market for over two months? This concern could have a simple and reasonable answer, but be sure to ask every question that comes to mind. Observe how well the agent listens to you. You will discuss your criteria for your dream home or expectations to sell your home. It will be apparent if the agent does not listen well. This is a red flag and could lead you down a road of disappointment.

  3. Seek Someone Who Has Your Best Interest

    The interview will allow you to gauge your compatibility with an agent. If you choose them, you will be spending a substantial amount of time with this individual. It is imperative to make sure the agent comes across as someone you can trust. Are they passionate about Tri-Valley Real Estate? Do they answer all of your questions with conviction and confidence? Although you know what you want in an agent, most of the time it is easy to identify what you do not want in an agent. If after a few conversations you feel it would be difficult to work with them, simply move on.

  4. Look for a Strong Team

    When you work with an agent, you also receive the support of their entire team. Do they have strong marketing? Do they have connections in the community? For example, Armario Homes are Tri-Valley Real Estate experts because each agent has history and experience in various locations. Brianna Armario and Diego Cardoso were born and raised in Pleasanton with countless connections and recommendations. Amanda Sarich was raised in Pleasanton and has been a long-time Livermore resident. Kalpesh Balsara understands the Dublin market because he has lived there for over 15 years and watched its development. Choosing a team led by DeAnna Armario with 19 years of Luxury Real Estate experience, supplies you with an ample amount of support and resources.

  5. Evaluate Skills

    Make sure that the agent’s specialties align with your needs. After your research and interviews, evaluate the agent’s key performance indicators. Do they have experience that meets and exceeds your expectations? For instance, if you are selling your Ruby Hill home, you will want an agent who has a proven track record in that neighborhood such as DeAnna Armario.


Above all, go with your instinct.